About Us

We focus on delivering the best service and safe car transport

Who Are We?

Auto Tec Recovery is the best vehicle service provider in Bedford, encompassing mainly recovery and breakdown situations of vehicles. Our primary objective is to offer best on-road services with high-class cost-effective prices exclusively for your needs.

The fundamental key to our 10-year success lies within the pioneering staff that uses direct channels of communication, call assistance and online support, which allows us to facilitate you in more suitable manner. With the most advanced tools and technology, we proudly stand alone in the specialized Vehicle Recovery & Breakdown Service in the entire Bedford.

How our service works?

We offer several on-road assistance and technical assistance all of which comes under the umbrella of Recovery & Breakdown of Vehicles. You can inquire for queries and information by contacting us via email, phone or online support staff that is available 24/7 to offer you help of any kind. From Vehicle towing to emergency repair services – we make sure that our customers get the best of our service with fast response and efficient work.

What are the Principles?

At Auto Tec Recovery, we govern our actions by following basic principles that assure the good operations of the company along with complete customer satisfaction.

We're open to suggestions that may improve our execution and quality of work. We also enlighten our customers with basic risk assessment and complete guidance before offering them our privileged services. For us, Customers are everything that is why we provide absolute privileges to every one of them.

  • Innovation - that drives us to endeavor for improvement in our everyday work

  • Quality - that allows us to seek distinction, excellence, and brilliance in our services satisfying every need and necessity of our customers

  • Customer - most important principle for and by we accomplish our work and Auto Tec Recovery is talentless and incomplete without its customers