5 Useful Tips for Driving at Night

There’s no restriction for driving at night but more precautionary suggestions than for driving during daytime. 42% of the traffic accidents occur during the night, and there are several reasons for it. Due to darkness, the lights have more effect upon its surrounding, that’s even a tiny shine could cause a lot of trouble for drivers at night. There are always risks in driving regardless of time but identifying and be careful about is where professionals come, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Here are top 5 useful tips for driving at night that will undoubtedly save lives.

  1.   Reduce Your Vehicle’s Speed

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You must have complete control over the manoeuvring and speed of your vehicle. You must ensure that the lightings may not distract or because you lose visibility completely. Drivers at night are always fast due to no or less traffic. Therefore, you need to maintain a uniform speed so that if by chance, something happens, then you could pull off the vehicle from an accident. In the UK, the vehicle speed varies from 50 mph to 80 mph depending upon the type of road.

  1.   Maintain the Distance

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Whether it is stopping distance or safety distance, you must be able to have a minimum of 3 seconds distance from cars around you. Make sure you don’t go less than 2 seconds. Otherwise, the chances will increase. For stopping distance, here’s the link to the last article we posted that explains stopping distances and highway codes.

  1.   Take Precautionary Measurements

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First, dim your headlights so that it may not cause trouble for the incoming driver. Also, dim your interior lights because it creates difficulties for you while driving. Carefully adjust your rear and mirrors for a better view of the outside, you must be able to use the mirrors for good as most night drivers don’t bother even to adjust mirrors. Use high beam lights wherever they’re needed, do not honk horn unless required because high beam serves a silent purpose of the horn. Make sure you have a good grip oversteering, your hands must not be sweaty and if you want to stop for something, stop under headlamp lighting area.

  1.   Mind & Body

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Apart from the car, the driver must stay calm from both: physical and mental aspects. You need to make sure that the fatigue if there is, does not take over your body which makes create laziness or numbness while driving. And remember to stay away from zoned-out moments, drivers at night tend to think and go into other dimensions a lot, and by the time they realise that something happened, it’s too late.

  1.   Maintain Visibility

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This is one of the essential tips to drive at night – visibility. Most drivers already have long or short-sightedness, that does not mean they can’t drive but they need to extra careful. As said earlier, 90% of the road and traffic information is coming from your eyesight. The excellent eyesight you, the better visibility you will have. Do not rub your eyes if they are itchy because that too blurs the view and may end up bad. Do not drive if you’re sleepy, not feeling well, dizzy and worst case – drunk because it may cost you your life, Please Drive Safely during Night time.

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