5 Ways of Safe Driving in a Traffic Jam

We have approached a time today where every road is jam-packed with every type of vehicle. There is a difference between regular driving on the road and driving in traffic jams. Out of 24.5% accidents, 10% resulted in deaths while the rest were left with minor and life-lasting injuries. Due to the significance of this issue, we have brought a list of safe ways that will enlighten every driver out there who’s stuck somewhere about do’s and don’ts of driving in a traffic jam.

  1.   Maintain Safety Distance

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In traffic jams, the cars are quite close to each other, making it difficult for drivers to maintain the distance. To be on the safe side, keep your car 2-3 steps behind the front vehicle so that if he stops suddenly, then you also get a chance and distance to stop. It may sound hard, but you need to stay calm and give it a positive try. Also, this distance will prevent from damage if a car hits you from behind during traffic jam, because it will stop before hitting the front with another car. Remember to spot the horizontal double-arrow sign before entering any road as it tells you about the road traffic.

  1.   The Accordion Effect

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It is an effect experienced by the body when sudden fluctuations occur to a moving body during its motion. These fluctuations disrupt the body such as commotion in the flow of elements etc. You must be aware of the accordion effect during a traffic jam, as sudden brake or acceleration create accordion fluctuations.

  1.   Lane Changing

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No one likes to be in traffic jams, and that’s why every driver becomes hasty and cranky for no good reason. Drivers often try to change their lanes to move quickly through the traffic. However, they don’t seem to look behind or forward while changing their lane. 7.5% accidents are caused by lane changing. No one uses the side mirrors, no indicators; everyone’s in a rush.

  1.   Obey Traffic Rules

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Drivers also violate traffic rules while being in a traffic jam. Violations such as the use of unnecessary horns, you should know that excessive or unnecessary use of the horn in the UK is a traffic violation and you can receive fine for it. Also, drivers try to find shortcuts to pass the traffic such as service roads or unpaved roads, which only causes more trouble for them, do not be like them, obey the traffic laws, follow the traffic.

  1.   Stay Calm

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Ever heard of road rage? Well, you may witness 2-3 road fights in every traffic jam. Why? Everyone is volatile; every driver wants to go ahead of other to reach his destination. These are few of the many reasons of road-rage, but most drivers fight over slow speed of the vehicle ahead of them or during lane changing. Stay calm and relax, you’re not the only one stuck in traffic jam, so there’s no point of getting angry.

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