5 Car Breakdown Causes During Traffic Jams

Traffic congestion has now become a prominent entity in regards to nation’s economy. We are ignoring the fact that the progress towards future with technological advancements is also creating a room full of hurdles. In the past few years, traffic jams and congestions have exponentially increased, which also have troubled the car as most of the cars break down in the middle of the traffic jams. According to a study by the University of Surrey in the UK, the levels of contamination inside the car are up to 40% higher than when driving.

Let’s take a look at five most frequent car breakdown causes during traffic jams.

  1.      Clutch and Accelerator Pedal

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Clutch is one of the three pedals of the car which allows the drivers to shift the gears by pressing it smoothly. It may sound unimportant or cheap, but it’s not. During traffic jams, we use the clutch so many times that according to survey it equals to a drive of 1,000 km on a highway and the same goes for the accelerator. The damage can be reduced by simply turn-off the engine in traffic jams, stuck in a traffic jam with a started engine with a car in gear followed by the pressed clutch is just simple stupidity. Avoid being stopped with first gear engaged and properly press the clutch while changing it.

  1.      Use of Brakes

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We normally use the brakes a lot during traffic jams, and we use it right at the last moment. The problem with using at the last minute is, it deteriorates and resent the brakes. Also, the brake discs and wear of brake pads can get an increase up to 40% if the safety distance is not catered during traffic jams. The best solution is to maintain your speed so that you don’t have to use the brakes every once in a while.

  1.      Gearbox

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The principle of Gearbox runs on the kinetic energy, transmission system, and torque. The transmission system allows conversion of different speeds of rotation of the traction wheels during speed of rotation. The speed of rotation and torque are inversely proportional, when one speed of rotation decreases, torque increases. This all is happening inside the Gearbox, and it plays a vital role between wheels and crankshaft, it must maintain the inverse relationship otherwise it will cause direct damage to the engine.

  1.      Refrigeration System

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It’s a system that reduces the heat of the engine by cooling the incoming air that enters from the front grill. After passing the grill, it maintains the temperature of the engine. If this system is not maintained or in excellent condition, it will cause a heat-up in the engine which will shut down the motor. The best solution for it is to set the heating temperature to maximum so that it lowers the temperature of the radiator.

  1.      Air Filter

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This is one of the most common causes of traffic jam breakdowns because it is directly linked to air pollution. Air filters are responsible for filtering the air that comes into the engine. When the dirt in the air caused by smoke, dust, and soot from other vehicles blocks the filter, the engine fails to exhaust or receive minimum air. The inlet of air filter gets completely blocked, which further badly affects the engine’s combustion.

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