5 Expensive Careless Oversights of the Car

There are two types of drivers in the world: one is a true car enthusiast who looks after his vehicle with care and respect and the other is just misuse the car by not paying much of the attention to it. If you’re cluelessly sitting in your car, the sudden and unfortunate breakdowns can cost you a lot of money.

Let’s discuss five most common mistakes and careless oversights that we either intentionally ignore or avoid due to cost.

  1.      Refuelling a Diesel Car with Petrol

5 Expensive Careless Oversights of the Car-2

One the common mistakes the drivers do is they change the fuel type mistakenly and sometimes intentionally to see how the car reacts to it. The car manufacturers provide manual books that are for drivers to read before trying any new. The best thing to do is not to start the car if you realise that you have filled the car with wrong fuel, call the roadside assistance and have the fuel removed. It will cost you around £180. Otherwise, you start and drive the car as it is then the pistons, connecting rods, conduits, and filter will cost £2,500.

  1.      Distribution Belt

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It is also called the timing belt, timing chain or cambelt and it is responsible for synchronising the timing for the engine to open and close the valve at proper times during rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. Each car has its deadline mileage, and when you exceed this limit, the distribution belt loses synchronisation and creates a total mismatch in the engine’s kinetic energy. The mileage limit is normally from 80,00 km to 150,000 km and must be checked every year. Cost of changing the distribution belt is £340, but if you drive the car with damaged distribution belt, it will damage other parts which raise the overall bill of £1340 to £3,600.

  1.      Lack of Engine Oil

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Checking the level of fluids before getting into the vehicle is a must-do thing. The level of oil indicates if there’s a need of oil change or not. You can do that by sticking out the oil needle or thin rod that has measurements and tell you the oil level. The Oil is important for the engine’s pistons to work efficiently, lack of oil or no oil simply means an engine shut down. It also shuts down the movable parts, loses its friction and lubrication, and ultimately seizing the engine. The replace of oil cost very less, but the repair of the engine may cost you more than £3,000.

  1.      Lack of Coolant

5 Expensive Careless Oversights of the Car-5

We all recognise this breakdown as the overheated engine, but we still fail to do anything about it as the coolants must be checked before driving the car. The coolants are to reduce the heat or excess of temperature in the engine. There are antifreeze and cooling circuits that save your car from any maximum change in temperature, but they require liquid coolants. We all know radiator that we fill with water, it serves the same purpose. Regularly check the level of coolant. Otherwise, it will cost you £60. If you drive a car with no coolants in it, the engine will overheat and cause serious breakdowns including cylinder head, which may require you £2,700.

  1.      Water in the Fuel Tank

5 Expensive Careless Oversights of the Car-6

Make sure the water does not enter the fuel tank, and you need to be very careful about it. If the fuel tank is not closed properly, chances are the water will enter during rain, car wash or even a splash of water that enters will cause a lot of trouble. It causes oxidation inside the fuel tank, damages the filter which leads to damaging of engine feed system. It also damages the injectors, injection pump, and cylinder head. The emptying of fuel tank will cost you £180, but other damages will raise the cost up to £2,500.

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