How to Sit and Drive Comfortably on the Road

Continually sitting and moving your hands and legs for driving may not be problematic but it sure can affect the other immovable body parts such your neck, spinal cord, and backbone. We all have learned in our driving school and driving tests about the significance of sitting and adjusting the seat. However, most drivers in the UK skip this part and end-up having a severe back pain.

Let’s take a look how you can prevent yourself from such back pain and sit comfortably while driving.

  1.      Adjustment of Seat

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The very first thing you must do after hopping into the car is to adjust seat accordingly to your comfortability level. Drivers usually adjust it closer and in forwarding direction, because they believe the closer they are to the steering and pedals, the better driver they will become. It’s wrong, adjustment of the seat is not entirely meant for the car but for your body too. When you pull too much of it, you just create a large room for back pain. Always tilt the seat, never adjust at 90 degrees.

  1.      Wear Comfy and Relaxing Clothes

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We understand how important can clothes be, especially for women but wearing tight garments may also disrupt body orientation. You need to prioritise comfort over style, because wearing high heels, or stuck in the jeans would only make things worse for your body. The benefit of wearing loose or stretchable clothes is you’re able to move your body and manoeuvre the vehicle at the same time without difficulty.

  1.      Wear Normal Footwear

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One thing you might want to know is that these tips are for driving at highway or roads that take an ample of time. The chances of inducing any pain are less in regular short drives. Never wear long-heel shoes or footwear. Your hands and feet are always on steering and pedals, so you need to make sure you have a good grip on both them. Some people do not take off their foot from pedals which causes muscle pulling in thighs and legs that ultimately results in something big. Don’t do that, wear comfortable footwear that does not create difficulty while pushing the pedals.

  1.      Hips Don’t Lie

Hips Don’t Lie, How to Sit and Drive Comfortably on the Road-6

Constantly sitting anywhere without moving will cause numbness in the hips, blocking the blood circulation. This is why you don’t feel your hips after sitting for hours on one thing. You need to find proper ways to move your back along with your hips. The best way is to take advantage of signals, or stops where you slow-down the car. Avoid Statue driving, you’re a human not a robot, respect and take care of yourself while driving.

  1.      Move Your Body

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Apart from your hands, feet, and hips, you also need to move other parts of your body like bending knees because while holding the steering with hands, your knees will be in the air. The best way to comfort is to timely bend it to a position where you no longer feel it’s a pain of or effect or being in the air. Once you’ve used the brake and clutch pedals, take the foot back from it to relax. These are some of the small things, but trust me they cause more discomfort than any other things, stay healthy, drive safe.

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