How to Wash and Clean the Car Like a Professional

Since they say that you need to deal with the angle to give a decent picture, we can likewise exchange this reasoning to our vehicle. At any rate to the outside. Also, to everything to be less stressful and less expensive, we will clean and wash the car with just things we can purchase at the general store on the corner. No advanced and concentrated items in each bit of the auto.

  1.      Dirt off the Surface

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Before applying foam or soap on the car, make sure you rinse the bodywork with a pressure washer. Even if you don’t have one, you can use a bucket of simple water with a brush to reach spots where dirt is impossible to get rid of without pressure. Places as the upper portion of the tyres and different gaps of the car where foam may not reach. Once you pre-wash the car now, you can go to the second step that is the cleaning foam.

  1.      Washing Foam

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Either grab the washing powder from the kitchen or the bathroom or purchase it from a general store, the first thing you need to do is to make a cleaning foam in a bucket or a tub to apply on the car. You can also use the liquid washing soaps, in fact, they are faster to make foam. Get an old rag or a piece of cloth, dip it completely into the foam tub or bucket and apply first on the tyres, between the rims and over the circular boundaries. After that, apply on the exterior of car gently because rubbing too hard may leave scratches on the car. Remember, the home products are the best to have the car glistening.

  1.      Leave the Car for Few Minutes

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Once you’ve applied the cleaning form, now revolve around the car like planets and clean every spot you think will have dirt. Gently rub the foam-soaked rag and leave the car so that the snow-foam reaches everywhere. Now open the four doors of your car and take the mats and hang them somewhere outside. Hit the mats with a broom by wearing a dust mask so that dust could get off. You need to clean your car from inside during the time of applied-foam.

  1.      Wash the Car

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After 5 to 10 minutes, get a good hold of the pressure washer, close the doors and shut the windows, and use the pressure washer on the car, make sure you reach every spot of the car from outside. Bend the washer to clean the upper portion of the tyres, side-glasses and ensure that the water will not enter the car. Carefully wash the car, this is the time when most drivers fail to find spots and end up paying for the something bigger. Water must reach at every corner and part of the car from outside.

  1.      Dry the Car

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Leave the car for few minutes after washing it with a pressure washer so that the water could dip-off. Once you see the less water on it, take two-three rags to dry off the remaining bodywork. Apply softly and in particular pattern. Do not use a rough surface rag or anything that could leave a noticeable scratch or stain on the car and also do not apply a circular pattern or any unconventional way to dry the car. Always stick to one method, if you’re applying vertical or horizontal, that’s better. Do the same for the inside of the car, and make sure you don’t miss any spot. You can skip drying the tyres but rubbing the rims would be good.

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