5 Ways to Avoid Fatigue While Driving

There are many reasons why you can get driving fatigue such as long driving without stops, temperature, unusual engine noise, or even the seatbelt can trigger body fatigue. But the question is, how can we avoid driving fatigue? 3 of 10 accidents in the UK occur due to driving fatigues and below are the five keys to reducing it be safe on the road.

  1.      Sleep properly for Eight Hours

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Not only before driving, but doctors say that every person must sleep at least hour daily before to do anything in the day. It is the minimum that brain needs to relax the conscious part, which eventually lessens headaches and migraine. When you don’t sleep this much and start driving, chances are you might either be sleepy or severe headaches. Do not expose yourself to the sun if you have slept for eight hours. Also, take breaks of 15 minutes in an hour if going for extended travel.

  1.      Control Your Appetite

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Most fill their stomach with garbage and junk food as they believe it will double the excitement of travelling. Wrong, it only creates more difficulties for your stomach, if you put so much food to eat while driving, the food will require blood to help digest the food, it’s directly proportional, the more copious meals, the large amount of blood needed in the stomach. It slows the blood circulation and causes numbness or sleep, so carry light food with you.

  1.      No Intoxicants

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One of the dangerous and damaging things anyone can do is to drink under the influence of intoxicants or take any while driving. It will not only affect the liver, but it hits the conscious part where a person no longer remember what’s he doing or saying. It is important to stay hydrated while driving but not with alcohol or drugs but with simple clean water or soda.

  1.      Maintain the Car’s Temperature

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If it’s hot inside, turn the AC on to a level where you cannot feel the hotness and vice versa if it’s cold. A sudden change in the temperature will instantly activate headaches and migraine. Some drivers turn the car into Antarctica, and when they get out of the vehicle, their body experiences sudden change and causes damage accordingly.

  1.      Do not Risk Your Life

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As we have discussed in previous posts about how to look after your vehicle, it is also essential to take care of yourself. Stop instantly if you find difficulties in sighting, driving, focusing objects on the road, inability to keep your head straight, back pain etc. It’s your life, and you’re the who’s going to save yourself, drive carefully and stay safe.

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