Privacy Policy


This document/web page contains information regarding the privacy policy of Company recognized by Auto Tech Recovery, of British nationality with office registered at [complete address]. It implicates to the by owning its entire content and website.

By accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition upon registration, you specifically consent to the processing, collection, and storage of your personal information in the manner defined in this is privacy policy document.

Use of Information:

Our objective is to provide you with high standard services by collecting your information. It is for your benefit, security, and most importantly, your safety of data. We wish to offer a hassle-free platform with personalized user experience and efficiency. Therefore, you agree that we may your provided information for aforementioned reasons to this end, followed by:

  • For providing you with price quotes
  • Improvement and enhancement in our services according to your need
  • Solving issues, commission charges, and resolving disputes
  • Evade and notice unauthorized, illegal activities, pursuing investigation upon potentially restricted apply of our Terms of Use, TOC, and Privacy Policy
  • Content marketing and advertising to improve, customize and measurement
  • Using it to inform you about our updates, news, features, and any information that can benefit you (customer)
  • Sending of promotional emails, to which you can unsubscribe anytime to stop receiving
  • You may be asked to provide your personal information on a piece of paper (a fill-out form) for our personal record
  • Personal information includes name, contact, address, email, copy of vehicle documents, and Identity Card

Any violation of the aforementioned privacy clauses will be dealt with severe legal action.

Data Communication

We may use your information for the improvement of our featured services, enforce policies, respond to legal requirements and claims that our marketing campaigns, advertisement or any other promotional content invades the rights of third parties or to avoid violation of rights. For any as such matter, Auto Tec Recovery hand over your data to any third party.

Upon governmental and state-wise requirement, we may oblige the officials with your personal information with prejudice for any, if, criminal activities and investigations of it further to consider appropriate actions accordingly.

Safety & Security:

It is our primary responsibility to ensure maximum safety and security of your personal information. To Auto Tec Recovery, Customers are above everything therefore, we use several tools to protect your data and treat it as an asset. Tools that may include encryption, login details, etc. As we mentioned conditional interference of third parties, they often try to infiltrate the security barriers to invade your personal information. Also, users who intentionally exploit personal information by using the malicious platform. Therefore, Auto Tec Recovery does not guarantee forever confidentiality of your data keeping above-mentioned electronic and illegal data invasion.

Report of Falsification, Spam Emails, and Messages:

We are completely against the fact of using electronic media against your consent. Therefore, it is also applicable to you to provide us with any information such as email, messages, spyware, and scams that surf on the internet under the name of Auto Tec Recovery.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies are the type of small text files that are saved in the cache memory of your browser when you visit a website. The basic and only purpose of using cookies is to monitor and control demographics. It is to be used strictly for analysis of traffic statistics.

Auto Tec Recovery uses Google Analytics to monitor demographics and traffic stats of Data saved through it is absolutely used none other than mentioned purpose.

However, cookies are plugins that are active often automatically. You can also disable cookies by following methods:

  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the menu option Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced.
  • If you use Firefox, in the menu option Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies.
  • If you use Chrome, click on the Tools button, then Settings, and finally Settings, Proxy Settings, Privacy "Use Custom Settings for History" If you use Safari as a browser, press the General Settings menu access button Preference, and select the Privacy option.


Auto Tec Recovery holds absolute privileges to amend TOC, Privacy policy and terms of use and subject of matter for change at our convenience and need. Anyone found violation such will be subjected to court as criminal through the legal platform. We are vehicle service provider for recovery and breakdown. Any other purpose, if found, claiming our name will also be reported to the British Government. We are obliged to follow Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 of the United Kingdom for a deal with electronic infringes.